Fast Track Ice Breaker Scramble

Fast Track Ice Breaker Scramble Spreadsheet

Getting Started (afternoon App Programming sessions)

There are 3 required tutorials to get you started:

Intro Apps: These tutorials will walk you through creating your first 4 apps. When you’re finished, you’ll have an app that can listen to your speech and then speak back to you a translation of what you said in another language. You will get experience working with buttons, media components, when blocks (event handlers), call blocks (function calling). You may do the Magic 8 Ball app from the Optional App Choices right after completing these.

Drawing App: These tutorials will walk you through creating an app called Paint Pot that allows you to take a picture with a phone/tablet and then draw on it. You will get experience using the canvas (and its associated when events) which serves as the basis for many games and creative apps as well as additional user interface components like sliders and the camera media component. You will also learn about variables, a way to keep track of things in memory.

Animated Game: These tutorials will walk you through creating an animated game called Android Mash (which is like Whack-a-Mole). You will work with sprites on a canvas and use two new fundamental programming concepts: if blocks and procedures.

Original Apps

Your goal for this camp is work with another student to create two original apps using what you’ve learned. You will present these apps at the end of the day on Tuesday and Thursday.

What Next

You have several options for what to work on after completing the required tutorials:

  1. Make the tutorial apps your own by adding new features and designs. Most of the tutorials include optional challenges and ideas for enhancements that can be the basis for your own original apps.
  2. Work on additional optional app tutorials. These tutorials cover some new components and programming principles, so you can learn to do things for your original apps that aren’t covered in the required tutorials.
  3. Start a new idea for an app from scratch. You have complete creative freedom in developing your original app ideas. If you need something that hasn’t been covered, ask Professor Manley for help or another tutorial recommendation.

What To Do When You Get Stuck

After your team has tried different ideas for solving a problem and you’re still stuck, you have a couple of options:

  1. Ask other students for help. We’re all here to help each other and learn together. Share what you’ve learned with others!
  2. Ask Professor Manley for help, that’s what he’s here for.

Working with App Inventor

Access App Inventor here: http://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/

You will need a Google account. If you do not already have one, create one here: https://accounts.google.com/signup

Information on setting up your home computer and/or Android device to work with App Inventor: http://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/ai2/setup.html